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DI Pipes are used for manufacturing a wide range of products made using steel. Having associations with leading steel manufacturers, we facilitate the sourcing of high-quality DI Pipes according to your custom specifications. Whether you are looking to start a construction project or need DI Pipes to manufacture appliances, locomotive, machinery, tanks, or other equipment, Vinworth Steel has the widest variety at its disposal.

Vinworth Steel facilitates DI Pipes sourcing by providing high-quality DI Pipes with custom specifications manufactured by leading steel manufacturers in India. One can get the widest range of DI Pipes under a single roof by contacting Vinworth Steel.

High Quality DI Pipes

Ductile iron pipes are the revolutionary step towards the development in the field of water supply and pressure sewage applications. These DI pipes are made of the ductile iron which is the iron-carbon silicon alloy. This alloy was found as a part of development in the field of cast iron technology and its process includes adding magnesium to the low-sulfur molten iron.  Ductile iron as its name suggests possesses a high level of ductility which depicts the ability of a metal to deform before breaking.

This pipe provides various benefits of using in terms of impact resistance, pressure bearing ability, and dynamic loading. Some of the characteristics and advantages of DI pipes include great beam strength, easy installation, zero maintenance, low pumping cost, high bursting strength, tremendous tensile strength, no cathode protection, and high pressure bearing ability.

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